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What we do

With our simple to use food ordering platform and apps, we allow thousands of new customers near you to find restaurants and takeaways that offer amazing discounts. Once the order is placed by the customer, we will send you the order details via our order receiver app or restaurant portal. All orders will be sent in realtime, you simply click accept order then prepare the order. Once the order is finished you then click complete order and the customer will be notified. For delivery orders one of our friendly drivers will come and collect the order and deliver it to the customer so you only focus on preparing the food order without worrying about delivery, customers will enjoy your food fresh and piping hot every time. It’s easy and free to get started - so what have you got to Lose? Come join us and register your business today.


Creative Marketing

Benefit beyond leaving leaflets menus on doorsteps! We engage in innovative and strategic marketing to reach hungry customers in your area. Restaurants and Takeaways included in our network will benefit from targeted leaflets distribution and local media campaigns, as well as our street promotions. You’ll also benefit from enhanced social media presence and our SEO that will make it easier for local customers to find your menu on our platform.

Order Convenience

Our ordering platform allows customers to avoid the frustration of waiting in line or calling — eliminating long hold times, language barriers and the increased risks of order errors. Customers enjoy the convenience of browsing menu options, getting a discount, without feeling rushed, and having the ability to pay online securely using one of our many forms of payment. We handle all processing which also saves you money.

Increased Efficiency

Improve efficiency by reducing the time spent answering phones, doing deliveries and handling delivery orders. Simplify large orders and reduce errors. Ordering is faster, and confirmations are sent directly to the customer. Staff can focuses more on restaurant operations and preparing food, while we send the order and take care of delivery.

    • Fast, Reliable and Secured Online and Mobile Device Ordering system
    • Promotion Of Your Brand
    • Small Fixed Fee for Any Value Order. (No High Commission)
    • Control of Collection, Delivery Area, Hours and Charges
    • Collect Customer Reviews and Feedback
    • Save Money On Delivery Costs
    • Group Ordering Available
    • No High Commission Fees, Ever!
    • Enhanced Marketing and Social Media Presence
    • Repeat Ordering, Increase Your Sales
    • No Hidden Charges
    • Credit Card, Debit Card and Cash Payments
    • Real Time Menu Updating
    • Up-to-date Real Time Reporting
    • Reward Your Customers and Increased Visibility
    • Customer Order Tracking

No risk

We take a small fixed fee for every order we send you, that’s It! So you have no risk. This means you can increase your revenue and grow your business without having to pay high commission fees and running a loss making food delivery service.

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