• There is a mistake with my order?
    Unfortunately once the order is placed, the takeaway takes over. We highly recommend that you check your order thoroughly whilst are our driver is with you or when collecting your food, that you have received everything that you have ordered. Otherwise you will have to get in touch directly with the takeaway to explain the mistake and see if it is rectifiable. Their contact details are displayed on the final page of the checkout and also on the confirmation email we send to you.
  • Takeaways and Restaurants in your area ?
    Enter your city in the search box and we'll tell you right away. If you can't find your favourite takeaway and restaurants, why not get in touch with us and we'll do everything we can to sign them up. If no takeaways or restaurants appear then unfortunately we may not be in your area yet. But don't worry, as a company we are expanding and hope to be with you shortly.
  • Why should I use Justfoodz?
    Justfoodz works in conjunction with your local takeaways and restaurants to offer you, the customer, exclusive discounts on every order you collect. We also provide you a professional collection and delivery service subject to availability in your area. Our goal is to reduce the CO2 and other harmful air particles in the city or the town we all live and work in for the sake of our family, children and for the future generations. Unlike similar ordering sites that use 1000’s of gas guzzling vehicles every day & night, which causes so much harmful pollution to the environment and the air you breathe we will try our best to reduce our carbon footprint. Our next move is for electric vehicles so that emissions from the tail pipe will be zero.
  • How it works?
    Justfoodz gives you discounts on every order, every time! You simply enter your customer panel online and we will provide you with a list of takeaways in your area that are offering a discount. You can then browse the takeaways and restaurants in your area that offers you the best discounts, and the best cuisine you fancy! Our easy ordering process means you will have your order placed in no time.


  • How is the food delivered?
    Once you place an order for collection, you may collect from the restaurant after you receive confirmation that your food is ready. If you choose delivery, one of our capable will head to the takeaway or the restaurant to pick up your meal, you can track the driver's exact location using our customer app.
  • How do I get the exclusive discounts ?
    It’s really easy! You place your order, we will make it clear throughout our checkout procedure just how much you will save and the discount will be automatically deducted before payment.And that’s it, cheaper to eat using www.justfoodz.com than most other ordering websites.
  • How do i place an order?
    1: Browse through your local takeaways to find the food you fancy. 2: Add your food to the order and you will see how much money you will save. 3: Using our secured website pay by proceeding to checkout and using your credit/debit card, paypal, gift card, loyalty points or cash. See the amazing savings you have just made. Order Confirmation – Once the payment and your order are accepted by the restaurant or the takeaway shop, we will inform you when the order is ready by email or through the customer app, whichever one you decide to use. Order Tracking – Using our App you can track your delivery all the way to your door for that extra security.


  • Something is wrong with my order?
    We do understand that sometimes things might go wrong. In the rare case that this happens, you can always contact the restaurant directly. The number for the restaurant can be obtained via the restaurant's profile page.
  • Minimum order value?
    The minimum order value is typically $15.00 however it depends on the takeaway shop, fast food outlet or the restaurant you order from. Some restaurants do not specify a minimum order value.
  • Tips?
    Whether you tip or not is completely up to you, but of course is always appreciated. Yes! Our amazing friendly drivers keep 100% of all tips - thank you.
  • Why we do not accept cash for delivery orders?
    We only take Credit card or other online payments because it lets us provide you with the best possible experience. It creates a safer working environment for our delivery team as well. However if you are collecting or going to dine in you can pay by cash.


  • What if my delivery order is late?
    Check to see if you HAVE received a confirmation email: if so Our friendly delivery team are always looking to deliver as quickly as they can, but sometimes things outside of our control can cause a delay. Where we can, we will always try and proactively call you if we feel that your order might not arrive within the estimated time of delivery, and our team will be working to get your order to you as quickly as possible. You can always track your delivery on our app. When collecting your order you will be notified email pick up time where possible. You have not received a confirmation email: This would suggest that your order has not been received or was declined by the takeaway. Even still you would receive an email notification We would recommend that you get in touch with our customer service team at support@justfoodz.com we will do our very best to see what went wrong, and help you re-order the items.
  • Opening Times?
    It depends on the takeaway shop, fast food outlet or the restaurant so please check our website www.justfoodz.com for opening hours, when placing your order.
  • I forgot to add something to my order?
    Contact the restaurant's customer service team at the number provided on their profile, in most cases if the order has not left the restaurant you can always place another order to have them combined. Please make sure than you reach out to the restaurant first. Our system is designed to make sure you get all the items you want added to your order.
  • What is the cost of collection & Delivery?
    With exclusive discounts Justfoodz have negotiated, you simply use this amazing savings you have just made to book our friendly collection and delivery service which is calculated automatically by the system. You can collect and we can deliver within any radius from the restaurant or takeaway shop. – This save’s you the hassle having to start up your car, get stuck in traffic jams or the cost of parking and then having to hang around for the food. Instead relax with your favourite drink or a nice hot bath. Let us do the running around to bring your food to the door using our unique super fast and friendly delivery service.


  • Where we DO NOT deliver to?
    We DO NOT climb stairs or use lifts to deliver, so please come down to ground floor level to pick up your hot food. You will be informed by us on an estimated time for delivery by email or via our customer app and when we have picked up your food from the restaurant, you can track our driver on your app. We do not accept CASH if we deliver, but tips to the driver are welcomedif you so wish to do so.
  • What if I have allergies?
    Firstly, we would ask you to please be careful when choosing your food. In addition, during the ordering process you are given the opportunity to leave a comment for the takeaway. Here you should leave a comment for the takeaway stating any dietary requirements you may have. To be extra careful we would also suggest you contacting the takeaway directly to confirm their receipt of your requirements. The takeaway's contact information will be given to you on the restaurant'sprofile page. We cannot stress enough, please contact the restaurant directly to discuss. Justfoodz will not be held responsible.
  • Make sure you are home to accept your order?
    If you chosen our collection and delivery service you will be notified by email when your order is on the way by our friendly driver. You can also track our driver using your app, for extra security. If we cannot contact you and are unable to deliver the order, our delivery driver will wait for up to 10 minutes before leaving the area to complete the next order. In this event we are afraid that you will still be charged for your order & delivery. To prevent this from happening, it’s always a good idea to double-check your contact and address details. Remember we DO NOT climb stair and use lifts, we only deliver to ground floor door.