About Us

What's the story?

Back in 2017, a group of handsome, devilish young men decided to take a stand. They said no to the placing orders via telephone only to have orders that were incorrect when picked up. No longer should hungry customers be limited to only a select few restaurants or having to stand in front of a hot stove after a long day at work. We feel that time should be freed up to enjoy with family and the more finer thngs in life.  Familys should be able to decide that today we are not cooking and we want to be able to select the type of food we want to eat and have it delivered to the door. We at justfoodz realized that it would be better off letting professionals handle the cooking - all we had to do was make ordering takeaway that little bit easier for the customer. Thanks to our brave forefathers taking on the challenge, Justfoodz  was born.

Since then, Justfoodz became a champion in online takeaway ordering. Even though many have tried and fail, we succeeded and delivered a world class service to the public and become the country’s leading online takeaway ordering service. So you might ask what is it that we accomplished that so many have tried and fail at, well I will tell you: Justfoodz is an exquisite food delivery service thats offers its customers the pleasure of ordering food using any mobile device from the comfort of their cars, home, workplaces, basically anywhere, even if they are on the beach, all at the tap of a finger.

Our user friendly app makes it so easy that even grandma and grandpa can use it. Gone are the days of calling in orders or standing in front of a hot stove or even waiting in long lines to get your food.

Justfoodz is knocking at your door.

If you feel like delving deeper into our mysterious past, head over to www.justfoodz.com for more information.